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Company Profile

TPC,  Tally Professional Cosmetics Ltd., was established in 2000.
The company is owned and managed by Tally Peled, one of the
most experienced senior make-up artist in Israel. 
The company is engaged at all aspects of professional
make-up.  Our team serve as chief make-up artists
at tens of local T.V. productions and are invited
 to serve international productions as well.
Our training department handles workshop for personal
 make-up, at both private homes, as well as public events
of any sort woman conferences, organized groups etc.
A special make-up department seves brides and attendants
of special events at our studio as well as at private locations
in almost any place around the country, upon invitation.
The brand TALLY  is produced at leading Labratories
 by top chemistries who arespecialized in make-up
and cosmetic products.
The TALLY line which is authorized by Israel Ministry of
Health, and by the FDA of USA, is especially adapted
to the climate conditions in Israel, as well as to the various
skin tone of Israeli woman. The line consists of stronge and
sustainable pigments, which stay for long hours.
Top makeup artists, production companies and T.V. channels
in Israel are requent users of our line.

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