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Tally Peled C.V

Tally Peled born (1967) and raised in Jerusalem.
1989-1991 Camera Obscura - School of Photograghy, TA.
1989            Marry Helen Makeup Academy , TA
1992            The BBC Makeup school, England
1997            Hollywood Makeup  academy
2003            Medical cosmetics at the College for Medical
                     Cosmetics, Ramat Gan, Israel
Tally started her professional career as a makeup artist
18 years ago. Since then she has works as a chief makeup
artist in hundreds of T.V shows and films, she is the
personal makeup artist of famous actors and actresses
in Israel and abroad, as well as anchor persons of news
politicains, Prime Ministers, Presidents, etc.
In the year 2000, Tally established her company TPC Ltd.

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