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Personal Makeup Workshop

The need for makeup and its practive goes back to early day of History.
Nowdays this practice has been growing into a huge and vivid market
with almost endless variety of products.
Every woman wishes to look at her best. Most woman spend lots of
money in purchasing cosmetic and makeup products, some of which
are never being used.
Tally and the studio crew invite you to participate in a unique makeup
workshop, in which they will share with you the secrets of professional
makeup, and open for you a new world of beauty and aesthetics.
The workshop is totally personal.
One of our makeup artist will train you
personally how to get the best look, with accordance to your own
and taste. You will learn how to wisely and economically purchase makeup
for all  needs and opportunities day/night time, business/ special
events, summer/winter etc. The workshop consists both  theoretical
explanations and practice.
The workshop's fee is 300NIS, However every participant gets upon
registration coupons for the sum of 300NIS to purchase products at
our studio, which means that workshop is actually free of charge.

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