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Personal Workshop by Tally Peled for professional makeup artists

Since the very beginning of my career , I was told
by my first teacher Marry Helen Ychnikov, to
"never put the eyes inside the pockets", ( a translated French idium).

My early experience as a professional makeup artist has been
accumulated while serving as an assistant of various professional
makeup artist in Israel and abroad, in films and T.V productions.
I learned a lot of all of them and have been using up to date many
of their methods and tips. In 1992, after a 3 years of experience,
I became a chief makeup artist, and served since in hundrets of T.V
programs, series, advertizing, image clips, T.V specials, beauty
competetions and many foreign productions of all sorts, in which I
personally did the makeup of moovie and T.V stars, Prime Ministers,
Presidents etc.
During these years I trained and supervised many assistants, who
became later cheif makeup artist themselves. During the years
I have developed my own unique makeup methods,which I'm willing to share.
The workshop for professional makeup artist is totally personal "one to one".
Each participant has to come with a model on whom he/she will practice.
The workshop which is handled by me in person lasts 3 hours.
Topics which are handled at the workshop: The role of makeup artist in a
production set, including ways of coping with changing needs and atmosphere,
codes of personal behavior on a set. The "Done" and "Undone" on pant of the
makeup artist. Makeup by goales and by script braekdawn, forming  trustworthy
characters via makeup etc.
The workshop fee is 650NIS , However, every participant gets, upon registration,
coupons of the sum of 300NIS to purchase products at our studio, this means that the
workshop fee is only 350NIS.
This kind of workshop is a "must" for makeup artist who wish to enrich their
professional knowledge and update their chances for professional progress.
Tally Peled

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